Online Shop Regulations "Leki z Natury".



Protection of personal data service "Drugs from Nature"

1. Shop "www.lekiznatury.pl" protect all personal data that have been obtained as a result of its operations in accordance with applicable law (Act of 29 August 1997. On the protection of personal data and its subsequent amendments).

2. Shop "www.lekiznatury.pl" do not sell or provide personal information to third parties or address customers.

3. Personal data entered during registration and ordering are used only for execution of orders and services.

4. Each Customer has the right to inspect their personal data to modify them or delete them.

Commercial offer online store "Drugs from Nature"
1. Shop Offer "www.lekiznatury.pl" consists of cosmetics and medicines without a prescription or medical products.
2. All prices shown in the Shop "www.lekiznatury.pl" include VAT and are given in Polish zloty and in force at the time of the order.
3. An offer in the store is constantly available, for exceptional cases, the lack of goods the customer will be immediately informed by phone or mail.
4. Our product range is continuously expanded in line with demand reported by customers.
5. All used on product and brand names, logos are owned by companies and are presented for informational purposes.
6. Descriptions and pictures of the products come from producers or have been created by the store and are presented for informational purposes.
7. Copying pictures and descriptions from the www.lekiznatury.pl is prohibited.
8. Pictures of product packaging in rare cases may differ from the actual packing due to changes made by the manufacturers.
9. Promotional offers come in limited quantities, and their implementation occurs, first served basis while stocks last.
10. Shop reserves the right to refuse to execute promotional product for the stocks last, as the contracting authority will be notified by email or telephone.
11. document confirming the sale of the product is a receipt or invoice depending on the options chosen by the customer.

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